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Shopping spree for buyers at Los Flamingos Golf

Shopping spree for buyers at Los Flamingos Golf : : A EUR 1,000 El Corte Inglés shopping spree is on offer for buyers at the latest sector of Los Flamingos Golf, Costa del Sol where luxury apartments are available at €199,000 to €420,000.

A store voucher for €1,000 has been added to their Q4 2018 promotion at Los Flamingos by international brokers, Walker Property Spain. This is alongside a two percent cut in sales tax on the current apartment releases. This, and high quality specfication and ambiance, is encouraging international buy to let investors. The apartments went on sale during the summer with discounts of up to €100,000.

“The voucher will help buyers provide some final touches to what are already luxurious apartments. Some designer terrace furniture or tableware or anything else from the nearest El Corte Inglés can be purchased – including food and drink for a house warming party.” said marketing chief, Terry Walker.

There are 138 apartments in four blocks in Hoya 19, a gated sector overlooking Los Flamingos Golf course. It has lush, tropical gardens, swimming pools and great sea views and ample open gardens. Situated near the world famous Villa Padierna Hotel & Spa.

Image: El Corte Inglés is Spain’s largest department store with branches in most cities and major resorts.

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Buy before Brexit to beat Spanish residency lock-out

Buy before Brexit safeguards residency rights if the UK leaves the EU with a hard Brexit

Buy before Brexit to beat Spanish residency lock-out :: Spanish property buyers are getting younger as families race to Buy before Brexit and beat the official window for EU residency. British buyers can lock-in their residency rights until the end of 2020 and safeguard them permanently in the event of a negative Brexit outcome.

The average age of Brit buyers in Spain has dropped since the Brexit referendum to 42, well below the traditional “pensioner” age group. This is partly due to entrepreneurs or executives, working remotely and conferring online. Another factor in the age drop is the Brexit political machinations. The uncertainties and current buoyant market are pushing buyers to that desired home or buy to let investment. Buying before the cut-off date should ensure British families benefit from the “preferential EU rules”. These safeguard residency, healthcare and payment of UK pensions and beneficial tax schemes on offer for retirees living in Spain

Buy before Brexit is a flying start

Buyers seeking to live in Spain need to build-up a residency  history of five years. If you have lived there for five years or more you are granted all rights for the future. The 27 months to the cut-off date can provide a flying start towards permanent residency. The UK Government made a unilateral declaration that EU citizens will retain their UK residency rights after Brexit. Although it is unlikely the EU will remove the rights of British property buyers in Spain, it could happen…

Buying before Brexit helps to avoid:

  • Property price increases fuelled by a returning strong market.
  • Additional relocation red tape applied after a hard Brexit.
  • Any foreigner taxes or penalties after a hard Brexit.
Removal firms report business is up by 50% compared with the first two years from the referendum. Forward bookings have surged in recent weeks amid downbeat media coverage of the Brexit negotiations. Ex-pats, trying to sell their properties in Spain are finding more interest this year than in the first two years since the  Leave referendum result. As a Plan B, they too have 27 months in which they can also be building towards five years continuous residency. Image: Costa del Sol condominium-style living remains popular with ex-pats Editorial: Kevin Barnett, international property writer
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Spanish property – Purchase Ready clinches the deal

Spanish property buyers be purchase ready and secure first choice home...

Spanish property – be Purchase Ready :: Property buyers are missing out on their Dream Home choices in Spain because their legally required documents are not available or up to date when needed. They are essential for viewing property, mortgage approval, putting in an offer to purchase and at the notary when registering the sale.

The property source – bank, developer or private seller – needs to know you are a serious contender with your finance in place and a strong completion date in mind. Recent legislation has added to the purchase paperwork. Typically, around 50 documents per couple have to be collated and ready to secure your chosen dream home.

The Spanish real estate market is returning to previous peak levels of activity and sales. It is obvious there are many properties to sell and plenty of international buyers hunting them down. It’s a fact the best properties go first and, generally, they are snapped-up – by the best prepared buyers.

“Your” dream home sold to a rival buyer

There are 1,000s of “miss buyers” who have failed to get their act together. Instead they have been locked in multiple paperwork deadlocks with banks’ property and departments, Spanish solicitors, developers or promoters. After a month or so of impasse, the seller sees an easier and quicker way to close a deal – and sells “Your” dream home to a rival buyer who has finance and paperwork organised.

Mis-selling in real estate has been around a long time, but “Miss buying” also leads to frustration, tears and heartache for buyers. It happens every day. It’s a sellers’ market…get over it and make sure you are in pole position next time.

From 2001, including the recessional decade from 2007, Walker Property Spain has helped buyers achieve outstanding deals on properties with timely advice and action. Launched in 2017, a FREE purchase management service for international buyers. Purchase Ready was hailed as a great new idea – help and advice when needed and improved sales progress to secure the desired property.

The firm’s Purchase Ready team helps buyers collate all the ID and status paperwork they would need for a speedy purchase; obtaining a mortgage and NIE, the Spanish document necessary to borrow and spend and have utilities in Spain. It was welcomed by stressed-out buyers, wrestling with mañana, mañana responses, tangled forms and their own busy lives back home.

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Image: Alcazaba Lagoon Casares, Costa del Sol where phase 2 apartments now offered offplan