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The probable answer is yes, because covid-19 is still a risk in Spain. The Spanish Government has strong sanitation systems in place to minimise the risk in public places, hotels and on public transport. Visitors should follow the official travel advice and take sufficient PPE supplies for the trip. Walker Property Spain viewings are strictly within the published guidelines for meetings, travel and domestic visitations.

Many of your questions should focus on potential problems and maintenance issues. Does anything need to be replaced? What things require ongoing maintenance (e.g., paint, roof, HVAC, appliances, carpet)? Also ask about the house and neighbourhood, focusing on quality of life issues. Be sure the seller’s or real estate agent’s answers are clear and complete. Ask questions until you understand all of the information they’ve given. Making a list of questions ahead of time will help you organise and arrange all of the information you receive.

There isn’t a set number of houses you should see before you decide. The internet and Google streetview provides excellent overviews of areas, streets – check the nearest scchool, restaurant, hosspital etc. When viewing in Spain, inspect as many as it takes to find the one you want. On average, homebuyers see 10 houses before choosing one. Just be sure to communicate often with your real estate agent about everything you’re looking for – even as this evolves during the viewing process. It will help avoid wasting your time, as will having a carefully compiled intinerary.

You can find out by asking yourself some questions:

  • Do I have a steady source of income (usually a job)?
  • Have I been employed on a regular basis for the last 2-3 years?
  • Is my current income reliable?
  • Do I have a good record of paying my bills?
  • How is my current Experian record?
  • Do I have money saved for a down payment?
  • Do I have few outstanding debts, like car payments?
  • Do I have enough to pay a mortgage every month, plus additional costs?

If you can answer “yes” to these questions, you are probably ready to buy your own home and should get each person going on the deeds Purchase Ready as soon as possible

Yes, and it’s getting more difficult to get them as there are fewer issuing offices and long waits can put that chosen property in jeopordy, especially if you are buying a bank-owned property. The sooner you get a NIE for each name on the deeds. the better your chance of securing your property of choice.

Ask the Walker Property Spain Purchase Ready service for the latest official NIE ex15 and get started right away with detailed stage by stage help to smooth the way.

Earnest money is money put down to demonstrate your seriousness about buying a home. It must be substantial enough to demonstrate good faith and is usually between 1-5% of the purchase price (though the amount can vary with local customs and conditions). If your offer is accepted, the earnest money becomes part of your down payment or closing costs. If the offer is rejected, your money is returned to you. If you back out of a deal, you may forfeit the entire amount.