Welcome to Fuerteventura: Sunny all-year-round resorts. 150km of pristine beaches, pueblo-style holiday condominiums by the beach and along sea view hillsides available at bargain prices. Buoyant holiday rental market – rain belt families keep coming back year in, year out. Golf and beachlife, exciting local cuisine and low tax shopping.

Arrive and discover a pristine coastline with emerald green waters and over 150 km of white sand beaches. You’re in paradise and bathed in sunshine and relaxing negative ions from the sea breeze. The coastline and the spectacular volcanic landscapes are why the island is a Biosphere Reserve. Barbeque a steak on top of a fiery volcano. Camel trek amid the sand dunes.

Close your eyes and when you open them you’re a new person. A perfect moment to grab a surfboard and hit the clear water. Or to explore the island’s cuisine in its villages. Try the fresh fish, wrinkly potatoes and the Designation of Origin cheeses.

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