Land deals on Puig Campana slopes at €6M2 Benidorm Hills, Costa Blanca north


Land deals on Puig Campana slopes at €6M2 :: Building plots for sale on the iconic Magic Mountain of Alicante province can be snapped up for as little as €4 per square metre. They offer panoramic coastal and mountain vistas and the opportunity to be surrounded by nature. The vacational delights of nearby Benidorm, Europe’s favourite resort are only 5 km away 

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IC0001 Finestrat

Up to 2007, hundreds of new homes were built near Finestrat, in the foothills of Puig Campana, but the developers stayed away during the recessional years and leftover homes have been sold off  by the Spanish banks who had funded the property gold rush. Buyers loved the easy access to the forested slopes with their walking and cycling trails coupled with the beaches and attractions of Benidorm. They dubbed the area “Benidorm Hills” as it overlooks the skyscrapers of holiday resort.

Climbers, trekkers and locals call Puig Campana the Magic Mountain due to its shape, changing appearance and mistic folklore and legends. The peak is visible from miles around and the views from the top are said to be the best in the Mediterranean.

The minimum 4.5 hour trek to the 1046 metre (3,431feet) high summit starts at Finestrat Pueblo and from the same point there are more than 60 for sale offerings of land and plots. Some of them have buildings that are refurbishment projects, while others are plots providing  unique opportunities to build rustic style homes for holidays or fulltime living.

15,000 m2 woodland plot for only €90,000

Plot 0001 Finestrat is a typical deal to appeal to buyers with vision and practical skills to create a home close to nature and close to amenities:

Situated on the southern slopes of Puig Campana, the site is 15,000 m2 (3.7 acres) of mainly woodland, accessed from Finestrat via a paved road, reducing to single vehicle track to the plot entrance gates and beyond. There are several clearings suitable for construction and there is a power pole close-by reducing the cost of provision.

Current asking price is €90,000 plus taxes and purchase costs. A Spanish bank would provide 50% of build or refurbishment costs, subject to status

Planners offer flexible build solutions

Local planners suggest there is the possibility of constructing several buildings, with a maximum allowable floor area of 2% of the plot area on the ground and up to 2 floors (with the ground floor). That would provide a build footprint of 300 m2 or a total of 600m2 for a two storey house. Local and regional planners would also consider  two separate  buildings, each of up to 300 m2 build. Pools and terraces are generally discounted from build ratios.

That gives buyers the opportunity to build two houses on linked or separate sites within the plot and sell-off or rent out one of them. This plot might take a pre-fabricated log cabin, finca style or rural villa design.

Walker Property Spain is also offering a similar deal on an adjourning plot and that can by acquired at the same time. There are 60 other land for sale sites available in the area, some with substantial habitable properties requiring reforming.

How to climb Puig Campana  


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