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Beware Airbnb trap as Spain cracks down

Beware Airbnb rental trap as Spain cracks down: The popularity of specialized portals like Airbnb has made the rental of apartments or rooms to tourists a real modus vivendi in many cities. This boom, which in many cases has produced unwelcome competition for the hotel sector, has now forced the Spanish authorities to regulate these practices.

Property owners in Spain have now to register and obtain a tourism license in order to rent their properties. If you rent without one, you can be fined of up to €10,000.

This is a risk that doesn’t exist when you buy real estate at custom-built holiday resorts such as La Manga Club because  property zoning demands a group of apartments designed and built for tourism rentals.

The buy-to-let apartments at La Manga Club were not conceived as permanent residences, but rather in the context of a holidaying scheme. But among the benefits of Las Lomas, is the option of staying in your own apartment for several days or weeks per year, or selling or leaving the property to family members if you so choose. 

How to maximise rental resort return

The other major benefit of buying a buy-to-let apartment in a resort is the quality and professionalism of the complimentary services. One of the large problems met by the buy-to-let investor is the day-to-day management of his or her property. This includes maintenance, check-in and check-out, the advertising r, payments, security and housekeeping…

These factors demand constant attention, an investment of time and energy, that cannot always be expended by the owners if they live in a different country. Buying a property at La Manga Club takes care of these details so that your visitors’ stay is perfect and unforgettable, and turns them into loyal guests and promotors. 

So, whether you’re looking for a permanent home or to draw a revenue through tourism rentals, buying a real estate property in a leisure resort like La Manga Club is an interesting investment in terms of its low risk, good earnings, the security of operating within a legal framework, and the quality and services enjoyed by the owner and/or resident.

If you’re thinking about investing in the real estate sector in Spain, contact international brokers, Walker Property Spain and speak to a specialist who can help you to secure the home and finance that best fits your needs – and will produce the best returns. 

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